Amazing Seating

BX/HMP 450001

Amazing Seating is available in a variety of shapes and creates seating for up to 60 children.


The Amazing Seating is manufactured from timber. The multi-functional seating can be used to create an outdoor classroom area, a parent waiting area or seating within a quiet space. The Amazing Seating is suitable for all ages and creates a large, fun outdoor seating area. Ideal for schools, parks and playgrounds.


  • Available in both the Mini Maze and Amazing Seating style.


  • Height: 0.4m
  • Length: 4.4m
  • Width: 4.2m


  • Large wooden chunky seating
  • Available in a Mini Pentagonal Maze, Pentagonal or Octagonal Amazing Seating Maze
  • Ideal for storytelling or outdoor lessons
  • Can incorporate bespoke engravings

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