What types of materials are bollards available in? design, manufacture and supply bollards in a range of different materials, these include: cast iron, ductile iron, cast aluminium, mild steel, polyurethane, concrete, stainless steel, recycled plastic and timber.
Which of the materials sold by would you recommend in certain locations?
Cast iron; this is best suited to pedestrianised, and shopping areas. They also complement a heritage or traditional aesthetic. Ductile iron; this is best suited to road side locations, shop fronts as well as for anti-ram situations. Duracast...
What grades of stainless steel do you offer? offer two grades of stainless steel. These are grade 304 and grade 316. Grade 316 demonstrates a higher chrome content.
When would recommend grade 316?
Grade 316 may be used on marine or waterfront environments. This could help increase longevity and durability in places where the environment is both damp and has a high salt content.
What are the different finishes for stainless steel?
There are various finishes for the stainless steel. These include; bead blasted to various grades (satin), mirror polish and  high polish.
What is the difference between ductile and cast iron?
There is one main difference when it comes to cast and ductile iron. Cast iron is brittle, whereas ductile iron is more "flexible". Ductile iron contains both magnesium and copper, this changes the properties of the bollard, meaning that upon impact ...
Is ductile iron more expensive that cast iron?
Due to it's properties, ductile iron is 35% more expensive than cast iron.
Do you recycle any materials?
At both Broxap and we have a strong recycling initative and green ethic. That is why we recycle all cast and ductile iron. You can find out more about what we are doing to reduce waste and ensure that we are doing our bit to recycle by...
Does cast iron rust?
Cast iron will rust if not maintained. This can happen if the paint is chipped leaving the surface of the bollard exposed.
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