140mm Galvanised Heavy Duty Economy Bollard - Express

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The Heavy Duty Economy Bollard is a versatile security post designed to safeguard a wide range of settings.


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This high-strength bollard enhances safety and protects pedestrian areas, parks, and commercial settings. The Heavy Duty Economy Bollard deters unauthorised vehicle intrusions and guides traffic flow. Its adaptability makes it suitable for a diverse range of applications, from landmarking and containment to access control and security perimeters. 

Whether you require immediate protection or seek to enhance your overall security measures, the Heavy Duty Economy Bollard is readily available for next-day delivery. Our extensive online range offers a comprehensive selection of bollards and posts to suit your specific needs.

Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of the Heavy Duty Economy Bollard and experience the peace of mind that comes with unwavering protection. 

  • Overall Diameter: 140mm diameter 
  • Above Ground Height: 1000mm
  • Root Length: 300mm
  • 5mm gauge
  • Galvanised steel body
  • Root fixed 
  • Hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009 or powder coated to Jet Black RAL 9005.
  • Reflective banding
  • For additional sizes and options, please visit Heavy Duty Economy Bollard. *Please note that these options are made to order and not readily available in stock.

Price per single root fixed steel bollard, anti corrossion galvanised only.

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