The Business is part of the Broxap group, the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of cast iron, steel, stainless steel, Duracast, recycled plastic, concrete bollards and street furniture. The business was incorporated in 1946 as Hillsyde Foundry by Sydney Lee, producing engineering iron castings. Today Hillsyde continues to supply high quality castings to companies such as JCB, Siemens and Dresser. Hillsyde began producing street furniture for Dorothea and Broxap & Corby in the early 1980’s. Hillsyde’s acquisition of Broxap in 1992 was the first of several acquisitions which slowly changed the profile of the business towards becoming a predominately street furniture provider. In 2000 the business was renamed and rebranded “Broxap” and have since acquired Cosy Kennels & Cattry Systems, Hand Made Places, Stadia Sports and Base Leisure, expanding the Broxap product portfolio to cater for a multiple of user requirements.

Business Purpose

To provide bollards, street furniture and associated products and services which will endure a long, safe, life.

Business Goal

To provide and maintain street furniture and associated products and services in every village, town, city and rural area in the United Kingdom.


Our reputation and success depends on the effectiveness of our teams working together in support of the Goals & Purposes of the business. We are committed to ensuring that the manner in which we employ staff is fair and equitable. Our equal opportunities policy is designed to ensure that no person or group of individuals will be treated less favourably because of their race, colour, ethnic origin, gender or sexual orientation, age or disability.

Customer Services

You deal with competent, enthusiastic individuals, who know exactly where your bollard, barrier, or street furniture order is in our system. You can contact us throughout the day to discuss any concerns, queries, changes, alterations you may have. We deal with issues promptly and honestly. Business Ethics is a principle of our business approach that we display integrity and transparency in all dealings with customers, business partners and suppliers. Staff are not permitted to give or accept gifts, money or favours.