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Bollards are a vital feature of our landscapes, providing security and safety. Here at Broxap we offer the widest range of bollards in the UK in a variety of styles, designs, materials, colours and finishes. Our bollards can be traditional or contemporary and each is designed with both the functional and aesthetical elements in mind.

With such a vast selection to choose from, this guide aims to simplify the options for you, helping you find the right bollard for your requirements as well as ensuring it complements your existing street furniture.


What do you need it for?

Bollards have multiple uses and the first thing to consider when selecting your bollard is what you need it for. Some uses include:

  • Access Control
  • Traffic Management
  • Traffic Calming
  • Security
  • Aesthetics


Bollard Materials

Once you know the reason for purchasing your bollard you can then look at the different options available to you. We will begin by categorising the bollards by materials.

Cast Iron & Polyurethane Bollards

Cast iron bollards may be produced in standard cast iron referred to as grade 250 (250N/mm of Tensile Strength) or ductile iron grade 450-10 (450N/mm of Tensile Strength).

Ductile Iron has various additives included in the melt such as Magnesium and Copper that change the properties of the finished product. The bollard is no longer brittle but will bend and is ideal for use in any applications where vehicular impact is likely. Cast iron bollards, when impacted, may fracture or snap whereas ductile iron bollards, by nature of their composition, are more flexible and are inherently stronger therefore making them more suitable for anti-ram raid applications.

Broxap cast iron bollards features a guarantee surpassing 100 years and are available in many different desgins. Durable and robust with a high quality finish, they can be customised with highlighting and bespoke logos & crests. If a removable bollard is required you may prefer PU (polyurethane) as it is half the weight and therefore a lighter alternative.

Suitable for schools, retail complexes, contemporary cityscapes, stadiums, residential roadside, council infrastructure projects



Mild Steel Bollards

Mild steel bollards are available as simple utility style bollards or in a more contemporary/decorative form.

Steel bollards are manufactured from sections of steel and are supplied fully galvanised as standard, with a range of designs and an option to create bespoke lengths and diameters to suit your needs. These bollards can be supplied in a full range of standard colours.

Fixings Available:

  • Root fixed (submerged)
  • Base plated (bolt to surface)
  • Removable with socket and lug adaption (padlockable)


Stainless Steel Bollards

Stainless steel bollards can add a contemporary and stylish finish to any area whilst still providing the necessary protection. Grade 304 - 240 grit “dull polish” is supplied as standard as the most cost-effective solution. We assume that the client and/or designer will considered the maintenance requirements of this finish within the environment. For coastal areas Grade 316 and alternative finishes are available. These bollards can be supplied with reflective banding and can be made to measure if required.

Fixings Available:

  • Root fixed (submerged)
  • Base plated (bolt to surface)
  • Removable with socket and lug adaption (padlockable).

Suitable for - Schools, retail complexes, contemporary cityscapes, stadiums, demarcation of an area, council infrastructure projects.



Polyurethane Bollards

Polyurethane bollards are made from a fully galvanised mild steel core and cast in an engineering grade polymer which is super durable, low maintenance and cannot rust, making it a truly unique product for areas of high salt water erosion.

We offer a large range of polyurethane bollards in both traditional and contemporary styles and can be supplied in a full range of standard colours. They are available with highlighting and bespoke logos & crests.

Fixings Available:

  • Root fixed (submerged)
  • Base plated (bolt to surface)
  • Removable with socket and lug adaption (padlockable)

Suitable for - Waterside and marine environments, retail complexes, petrol station forecourts, city scapes, stadiums, demarcation of an area, council infrastructure projects.


Timber Bollards

Most landscape schemes use timber bollards to keep spaces open and accessible to pedestrians, whilst providing effective traffic control.

These bollards are available in a range of sizes and may be supplied with either flat, domed, chamfered or pointed (four-way weathered) tops. Rebates may also be incorporated into the bollard design, Broxap offer a 50mm wide rebate as standard although other options are available on request .

To increase visibility you may also consider reflective strips or reflective panels.

Timber bollards can be supplied in either hardwood or softwood depending on your requirements and are available FSC certified and non-FSC certified.

Suitable for - rural environments such as country parks, cycle ways, walkways and bridleways.

Concrete & Granite Bollards

Concrete bollards are a heavy duty alternative perfect for providing security and demarcation in built-up environments. They offer a strong, rugged obstacle which deters vandalism and the threat of ram-raiding.

There are 2 types of concrete bollards available; a traditional range of hardwearing bollards with a smooth or exposed aggregate finish and a more stylish and contemporary design.

Granite bollards are highly durable and are constructed from a very popular natural stone. Available in a wide range of colours and textures they are suitable for almost any kind of external application.

Suitable for – High streets, car parks, industrial units and council infrastructure projects.


Recycled Plastic Bollards

A durable alternative to the timber bollards, recycled plastic bollards are constructed from 100% mixed post-consumer waste. They require very little maintenance and are non-porous making them an ideal option for use in very wet conditions.

Suitable for – light and medium duty marker uses, parks, rural environments and landscaped sites.


Security Bollards

Security bollards and posts are designed to suit any location and are available in many designs and finishes. They create a physical and visual deterrent, providing segregation between pedestrians and busy roads and offer security to commercial and domestic property. In addition to permanent fixing we offer Fold down, Telescopic and Removable to allow for temporary vehicle access.


Bollard Fixings

There are generally three types of fixing:

  • Root Fixed (RT)
  • Base Plated (BP)
  • Removable (RM)
  • Telescopic

Root Fixed

This is the most common type of fixing. The bollard design incorporates a root which is of various lengths depending on the bollard design. Some designs offer both round or square root options: the square root is often preferred for installation into block paved areas.

The root of the bollard is concreted into the ground. The amount of excavation required depends upon the root length of the bollard. Generally there must be a minimum depth of concrete 200mm beneath the root and at least 150mm either side. (500 - 600 cubic mm is generally the norm).



Base Plated

For applications where root fixing is not possible (e.g. where underground services exist) the bollard is manufactured with a pre-drilled base plate to allow the bollard to be bolted (rawplugged) to the surface of the ground (solid concrete surface - not tarmac). The bollard needs to be bolted to a 300mm deep concrete base to provide a substantial fixing.




Many bollards can be converted to make them removable. The bollard is supplied with a ground socket that is concreted into the ground. The root section of the bollard fits neatly into the ground socket - the bollard has a lug which is welded to the trunk of the bollard and allows the lid of the socket to be secured to the bollard with a padlock.



Telescopic bollards are ideal for traffic management and security for domestic and commercial properties. The telescopic post can be raised out of the ground and locked in an upright position using a push button locking mechanism. For periodic access the bollard can be lowered into the ground and covered by a flush fitting steel lid which prevents trip hazards and the build-up of dirt in the bollard socket. They are easy to operate and install and unlike a removable bollard they do not need to be taken off site for storage when not in use. The location of underground services need to be checked before installation.


For further information about any of our bollards please contact our Technical Team on 0844 980 1665