1500mm Pointed Top Timber Bollard - Express

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BX17 1500/150SQ-RT-STOCK
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Crafted from durable hardwood timber, the 1500mm Pointed Top Timber Bollard combines stylish aesthetics with the use of natural materials.

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The 1500mm Pointed Top Timber Bollard adds a natural and visually pleasing element to outdoor spaces such as parks, gardens, or wooded areas. They can complement the surroundings, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing environment. Timber is a renewable resource, and using timber bollards supports sustainable practices. For individuals or organisations with a focus on environmental responsibility, timber is a preferred choice. Timber bollards can be a cost-effective option compared to alternative materials. This makes them an attractive choice for projects with budget considerations.


  • Overall Height: 1500mm
  • Overall Width: 150mm
  • Root Length: 300mm
  • Hardwood Timber
  • Square shaped body
  • Pointed top


  • 50mm Rebate
  • Reflective Banding
  • More options here. *Please note that these options are made to order and not readily available in stock.

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