Fold Down Bollards & Posts

Fold down bollards and posts provide an easy way to provide periodic access to vehicles from entering restricted areas. Fold down posts act as a deterrent to unauthorised vehicles. Our range of fold down posts and bollards are available in a variety of styles and materials.

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  1. Folding post with logo

    Fold Down Parking Post

    From £52.50 ex-vat.

    Easy to use, fold down yellow steel parking post. Ideal for reserving car park spaces and restricting driveway access.

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  2. Countersunk Fold Down Bollard

    Countersunk Fold Down Bollard

    From £290.00 ex-vat.

    Unique-style countersunk post ideal for areas where a deep excavation is not possible.

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  3. Fold Down Stainless Steel Post

    Fold Down Stainless Steel Post

    From £149.00 ex-vat.

    Contemporary stainless steel fold down post to assist in the controlling of vehicle access and traffic management.

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  4. Lift Assist Post

    Lift Assist Post

    From £299.00 ex-vat.

    High quality lift assist post giving a high level of security where required.

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  5. Lift Assist Post

    Lift Assist Post

    From £570.00 ex-vat.

    Heavy duty lift assist manual telescopic post that provides security when needed and assists in the control of vehicle access.

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